Mental Giant Workspace (What to do when you've completed classwork and labs.)

(Upload finished projects to our Edmodo class groups when applicable.)

Science Current Events (visit these websites to learn/report about daily science news)

Select and article, read it, and create an Edmodo post that engages your classmates in relevant discussion.

Webquests (Print out the notes page on each webquest and record your thinking.)

Interdependence Webquests

Photosynthesis and Rainforests (Explore why rainforests are so important and track how they've been affected by deforestation.)

Endangered Species in MD ("Adopt" an endangered animal in MD to find out about the threats to its survival and outlook for recovery.)

Invasive Mussels ( Analyze a case study of the impact of invasive mussels in the United States.)


Check out the Smores site to see our Science Museum Exhibits on water's Unique preoperties!

Body Mechanics Webquests (Learn how the body responds to cellular invaders such as bacteria, then write the ending to a Cell Wars script.)